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Started in 1994, ADM Asuncion de Grande Catering Services is a family-owned company. ADM Catering offers thoughtful event catering, styling, and coordination services, the goal of which is to execute a memorable and worry-free event to the clients. As a one-stop-shop for all your events needs, ADM Catering accommodates all occasions and celebrations with sumptuous dishes, elegant arrangements, and at reasonable prices. The team starts with the drawing board and ends with the full realization of the event. Speaking of the food, the team listens to the clients in putting a special menu that the special occasion deserves. In this way, even the dishes would be thematically integrated. The flexibility in the menu and its pricing to help clients achieve a balance without any compromises are what make ADM Catering Services genuinely standout from the rest of caterers in Pampanga. After all, behind every successful event is a well-established caterer-client relationship. Furthermore, an event is an opportunity to bring people together and share their joy. For the caterer, the best compliment is seeing how everyone enjoyed themselves and that our clients are satisfied with the levels of their services. ADM Catering does not believe in expensive advertisements. Instead, it relies on word-of-mouth courtesy of the satisfied clients.

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