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A combined effort of spouses Ramon and Jeanette Alba. Alba Catering is a family business venture stemmed from the interest in treating guests with delectable meals that are both heartwarming and filling. Alba Catering is the brainchild of two big families with an affinity for entertaining guests with their excellent cooking with most of their training and personal touches inherited and taught by their parents. Established in 1992, the catering company has its humble roots catering to small events and occasions hosted by their friends and relatives. From there, they started devoting and dedicating their time to refining their skills in their aim to providequality catery service. As a result, the couple studied culinary arts and presentation to offer their clients not only the best tasting food that would suit any palate, but meals that are visually aesthetic as well. Today, Alba Catering has expanded their meal options to include baked goods as well as international dishes.

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