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Cardano’s Catering & Services provides catering services to clients for more than 15 years. It was started by husband and wife, Willie and Edna. The catering company initially catered to the employees of Gem’s Hotel in Cubao (now known as Kabayan Hotel). They provided meals to the employees while also delivered ready-made meals to various offices in the area. Fortunately, the sumptuous food resonated with the clients, who eventually asked them to cater to their events and occasions. True enough, Cardano’s Catering built its name through word of mouth. The company’s hard work, dedication, and experience paved the way for becoming an upscale catering service. Cardano’s Catering thrived on joint expertise from the owners. Nowadays, it became a collective expertise courtesy of a roster of other professionals. The firm takes pride in its facilities, and more so, the people who helped the achieved success throughout the years. Speaking of dressing up an events place, some people look for beautiful places, but, for Cardano’s, they can make any place beautiful. Furthermore, the owners also emphasize that the people are paramount in ensuring that each client receives quality products and services. Cardano’s Catering, thereby, vouches for assurance of quality and delivery execution at the best prices.

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