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Loja Toraja Events Place & CKS Laffaie Tea Catering set the stage for lasting memories since 2013. For them and everyone who has tasted its food offerings, it’s a place where the best tasting foods are wonderfully created. An all-in-one provider, Loja Toraja Events Place serves as the venue while CKS Laffaie provides on-site and off-premise caterer. Drawing inspiration from the elite houses in Bali, Indonesia, it can be dressed up any way you want to create an ambiance suitable to your occasion or celebration. For its catering part, CKS Laffaie operates with a garden-to-table concept. The service provider offers unique and authentic global dishes. Other than serving a fantastic food experience through serving freshest, organic, and finest international cuisines while keeping the authentic Filipino taste, the said experience changes the people’s perspectives on being vegan and healthy. CKS Laffaie is about providing quality and quantity assurance as well. Food sanitation and innovative nutriment are, of course, an integral component of the process. It delights in knowing that in front of it is an opportunity to provide satisfaction and assurance—we nurture our clients by sharing with their journey. And the best part is? CKS Laffaie creates unforgettable memories one event at a time!

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