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Launched in 2013, Doña Adela’s Events and Catering Services is highly capable and experienced in developing and managing your special event. It plans and executes events, occasions, and celebrations, whether it’d be small or large scale. There is no function too small or too big that Doña Adela cannot handle. The team starts with the client’s idea and, with careful consideration, brings such into life. It is such high respect to your visions that set Doña Adela apart from its contemporaries. For them, the priority is putting the client’s needs and preferences at the front and center. It is like making the dream event into reality in Adela’s way. Clients are blown away with how the team builds the concept from the vaguest of an idea. There are two things that the team handles well: 1) finding a suitable venue and 2) developing decor and production. Doña Adela organizes events that suit the client’s needs and budget without any compromises in the quality of food and service. The team thrives on its organization and coordination skills while collaborating with several suppliers at a time to bring magnificence to any celebration.

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