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FB Events and Catering Services aims to give excellent service to every client and assure delicious dishes to all events it catered to. The caterer initially organizes small to medium-sized kiddie parties. Its services included decors, clowns, magic shows, food carts, and other things that ensure a fun party for the kiddos, in addition to kiddie food and snacks. Nonetheless, a staple of every kiddie party the caterer served is the chocolate bar and fountain. At the time, the company is still known as Parti-Colates Events and Management; its name is a portmanteau of the words “party” and “chocolates.” It became FB (Fernandez-Bulan) Events and Catering Services when the company catered for a supposed kiddie party wherein all the attendees are adults. Parti-Colates provided to parties and events with the same theme, so they decided to change the company’s name and become a full-pledge catering service provider. Still, FB Events and Catering’s strongest point is food, although it is also known for the events’ lavish design, precise execution, and stylish presentation. The results often delight the clients while also earning praise from the guests. To this day, FB Events and Catering Services maintain a high standard of excellence in managing and catering to each event. That is despite the challenges of executing an event to make it more successful.

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