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With Chef Michelle Adrillana at the helm, Flavors on Fire Catering Services is rebranded to Salud by Adrillana. Chef Michelle established her business in 2011 with the primary goal of becoming a “different” caterer. It encourages would-be clients to trust their palate and not the crowd because everybody says it is good does not mean it is. As such, one must stick to your truth more so when it comes to taste. In just one year of operation, Flavors on Fire Catering became a well-known name in the catering industry in the Philippines. And the Chef’s secret is none other than the food that she “seasons to taste.” The Chef uses nothing but the best and finest ingredients to ensure that the team meets or even exceeds the client’s expectations. She is a favorite among celebrities and famous personalities and politicians. Together with her hardworking staff, it only proved that Flavors on Fire Catering has a lot to offer its clientele with the most discerning of tastes. For one, it can surely satisfy every client with its delicious food and excellent service. Quality is the caterer’s priority, making sure that it is never compromised. Now, the catering firm accommodates various catering requirements.

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