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Renowned chef, Sunshine Puey, owns and manages Gourmandise Catering. Gourmandise Catering is not your typical caterer, however. It specializes in crafting grazing tables with customizable selections, ensuring perfect charcuterie and spread. The grazing tables usually composed of cured meats, assorted cheese, assorted nuts, dried and fresh fruits, vegetable crudites, crackers, toast, chocolate, olives, jams, truffle honey, and seasonal garnishes. Table styling and setup are included in the packages. The grazing tables packages are suitable for 30 and 40 people for Php25,000 and Php30,000, respectively. However, Gourmandise Catering also offers grazing boxes starting at Php2,200 and grazing trays for Php13,000. In addition to the charcuterie boards and grazing tables, the catering specialist also offers a dessert buffet. This is not surprising since Chef Sunshine is also known for her sumptuous artisan sweets. Her made-to-order menu is consists of cakes and pastries assortment, bottled sauces, and other handcrafted items. She founded the Gourmandise Pattiserie first (in 2011), which serves customers with delectable eclairs and desserts, before expanding her business to include specialized catering services.

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