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Jordan Donovan Catering and Events Management, or simply Jordan’s Catering, believes that the customer is king. That’s why the head of operations appears in meetings personally as a way to make the clients feel how invested the company is in every transaction—a “personal touch.” Other than that, Jordan’s Catering wants the clients to experience a hassle-free catering service that puts their satisfaction at the center. The catering provider also offers various selections on its menu consistent with the cuisine, such as Filipino, Chinese, European, African, and Middle Eastern. Jordan’s Catering can also accommodate cuisine fusions to satisfy the palate of the clients and their guests. The catering business embraces a food preparation technology that eventually became its distinguishing mark. Food safety is the #1 priority. It also invested in a food preservation equipment that guarantees the freshness of the dishes it serves. As a client, you need not worry about food spoilage regardless of the distance between their kitchen and your chosen venue. Most importantly, Jordan’s Catering invests in the proficiency of their people. That’s why the staff undergoes a rigorous training program before deploying him or her to an actual event. In this way, the catering provider can ensure consistency of high service levels.

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