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Established in March 1996, Kit Chen Webb Catering Services provides service beyond quality food on the table. The caterer prides itself on creating the perfect menu for every event. Such meticulous personalized support extends to offering a unique menu to suit the needs and tastes of the client. The team of staff and professionals is very attentive to details, including that of the prepared dishes. The meals taste good as they look because the company’s consultants make sure that the team will only serve freshly cooked meals made from the finest ingredients. Food products are acquired from affiliates that produce and manufacture meats, sauces, and seasoning products for Kit Chen Webb Catering. Speaking of which, Kit Chen Webb Catering offers Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and other international cuisines. Other than its passion for freshly-cooked delicious meals, the catering company thrives because of its commitment to excellence, including delivering fantastic service. The caterer assists and assures the clients that everything will be perfect on the day of the event down to the smallest details. With its passion for perfection, Kit Chen Webb Catering considers factors like reasonable prices and quality and clean services. The caterer has long-term relationships with the suppliers and prioritizes conducting daily inspections to ensure that operational standards are met consistently. Kit Chen Webb Catering also provides consultation services for all catering needs.

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