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M. Balanlay Catering Services is a small eatery in Valenzuela that also offers catering services to the residents of Karuhatan and other parts of the city. The provider is famous for its quality foods and service that proved the know-how behind the company. M. Balanlay Catering was a family venture. Although it was owned by Michelle Alonzo-Balanlay, the daughter of Mr. Jimmy I. Balanlay and Mrs. Mila Grace A. Balanlay, Sir Jimmy is an expert cook. He oversees the food-related operation. Madam Mila, on the other hand, used to be a supplier of red meat. So their combined experience, expertise, and resources made it possible to prioritize serving top quality food items to the clients. M. Balanlay Catering Services provides for the F&B needs of the local government of Quezon City (when awarded by way of bidding). Along with this, the catering company created a booking and reservation offices in Quezon City. As such, one can vouch for the catering service provider’s reliability. It has the necessary resources in addressing the catering needs of new and recurrent clients. Indeed, M. Balanlay Catering Services is highly capable of meeting both short- and long-term catering obligations.

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