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Born out of twenty years of experience, MatchPoint Catering Services is known for its distinct and inventive cuisine characterized by the fusion of Asian and Filipino flavors. The catering company’s range of dishes is influenced by European and Mediterranean styles and taste which gives their clients a unique and incomparable dining experience. MatchPoint Catering services provides catering services for all sorts of occassions–from the smallest and most intimate gatherings to elaborate and grand celebrations of over 500 people. The catering company also ofers services such as food orders, packed meals and other specific menu packages as requested by ther clients. As one of the premier catering services, MatchPoint has covered and continues to cover a wide range of clientele base. The ctaering company has had the opportunity to cater to functions attended by esteemed guests and celebrities. With its flexible and custom packages, couples can easily create a menu based on their food preferences, taste as well as their budget

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