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With Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara, Mesclun Events Catering is recognized as a premier caterer that takes pride in its delicious and memorable food coupled with impeccable service. Celebrations are Mesclun's expertise, providing a culinary experience that sparks a lasting impression. It all boils down to food that gets everyone talking; the chef herself is passionate about creating new dishes. Chef Katrina, who is both a restaurateur and caterer, draws inspiration from her rich culinary heritage. She also studied from prestigious culinary arts in Europe and have explored restaurants in Paris, Nice, and Corsica. Her mantra is designing unique experiences with irresistible and delectable dishes at the core. The professional execution of events also speaks volumes of the catering company's flexibility because everyone knows that a successful event is more than just food, although food makes it stand out. Such adaptability applies to the freedom of choosing between preset and personally crafted menus that highlight gastronomic quality. For Mesclun, making a dream wedding a reality is natural with its signature buffet spreads and plated banquets plus add-ons that you may not find anywhere else. After all, Mesclun is an old Occitan for the term "mixture." Indeed, no gastronomic experience will thrive without mixing.

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