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Private Dining by Happy Concept Group is a brainchild of its owner Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. She realized how delightful she gets whenever she entertains guests at her place. Happy conceptualized everything from scratch, including curated recipes and tablespace styles. Now, Private Dining is known for its themed cuisines such as guéridon, degustation, and more. The dining specialist caters to bespoke gatherings and special occasions. With the help of her team, Happy customizes gatherings to make them special and meaningful to make them more unforgettable. May it be a spread of appetizers or a multi-course meal, Private Dining ensures the event has a unique and personalized touch. And it shows—the team’s commitment to excellent service and highest quality artistic food. More so that our special day is made more exciting and memorable by gathering the people that we love around the table to enjoy a sumptuous meal together. Private Dining’s packages include food labels, centerpiece arrangement, flower arrangement, and waitstaff. At a time when everything is “bespoke,” Private Dining’s owner realized that catering services are no longer about the culinary skills, but also creative skills. It all boils down to putting together the details. Indeed, a well-curated setup.

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