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Pumpkin Catering wants to be known as an approachable caterer that delights in providing the "good 'ol foodie food." This may sound standard in the catering industry in the Philippines. In an increasingly stylized and pricey world of catering, Pumpkin Catering desires going back to the basics. These are good food, generous portions, fair pricing, and ethically healthy ingredients, among others. Indeed, Pumpkin Catering has a reputation for serving great food for any event or occasion. Guests are often impressed with the food and the service. It is because tasting is fundamental to the process. Pumpkin Catering thinks of this as an opportunity to meet the client in person and honestly know what their thoughts and dreams are. Through this, the caterer may be able to help them turn those dreams into reality. It also presents an opportunity to stylized the event from menu creation down to floor design, venue setup, linen selection, and event timeliness. The team's efficiency also shows, even when tackling the unique challenges of large-profile events since this is Pumpkin Catering's specialty. Pumpkin Catering is owned by Chef Raymond and Mae Ko, who are mainly in charge of the operations, especially the kitchen.

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