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Sebastian Food and Catering Services is here to help make any events extra special. Sebastian takes pride in its exquisite food prepared by seasoned chefs and sous chefs. In addition, Sebastian has a roster of professional and reliable personnel that provides personalized services. For one, they are trained on how to dress up an event on-theme, so expect only the most sophisticated settings for your event. This is how Sebastian makes every event special—through attending to the smallest of details that make the theme or concept coherent and complete. It all boils down to the details and features that do not blow your budget. The team also solves problems and challenges that ruin what is supposed to be an unforgettable event. As such, that’s why Sebastian emphasizes personalized quality services from catering to all occasions to providing auxiliary functions such as events place lookup and rental. A complete setup for any occasion, corporate or social, starts from Php250 per head. Sebastian also caters to food orders and packed meals regardless of the number of your guests. Its strength is in numbers, particularly in the people that help in preparing volumes of orders.

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