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Tailored Cuisine Catering Services is a bespoke catering provider. Tailored Cuisine caters to all kinds of events with the help of a duly trained professional team. It is a bespoke provider, which means that it can personalize all aspects of the food and service. Speaking of food, the caterer offers Filipino, Asian (Japanese, Indian, and Middle Eastern), and international menus as well as food themes such as Japanese bento lunch, Singapore hawker, lazy afternoon BBQ party. Additionally, Tailored Cuisine uses state-of-the-art catering equipment, making it possible for the team to cook while at the venue. The host and guests are treated to freshly-cooked meals made from the freshest and finest ingredients. All these contribute to assuring the client that it only provides nothing less than the best food, world-class service, and exquisite dining setup. Tailored Cuisine also offers food trays for up to 12 persons, ranging from Php900 to Php2,800.

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