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Steve Tamayo is one of the well-respected names in the catering industry in the Philippines. Tamayo’s Catering serves beautiful memories since 1995, changing the industry landscape with its innovative ideas that beg to differ from what was considered standard or common then. Then, Tamayo’s Catering, with the tireless effort and dedication of Sir Steve, eventually became the industry standard. It started as a small catering business in Bulacan until the owner decided to integrate additional services: a flower shop and a restaurant. With this, Tamayo’s became a top-of-mind caterer and florist because of its high standard of service and delicious food that led to high levels of customer satisfaction. In as little as three years, Tamayo’s became a household name and a sought-after caterer in the metropolis. This is the catering business’s legacy that is still evident on the way it handles events, functions, celebrations, and occasions today: professional yet invested. Tamayo’s commit to being a trusted brand in the industry that it is despite the ever-growing competition. Its differentiating factors – the delicious meals and meticulous service – are continually lived by the dedicated team of professionals and staff. And the goal? Bring a distinct, five-star appeal to presentations big or mall.

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