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Tjioe (pronounced as chew) the Caterer is one of the few catering companies in the Philippines that specializes in Chinese cuisine. It is an expert in the art of Chinese catering. With over four decades of experience in the foodservice business, Tjioe the Caterer used to be a quaint Chinese restaurant in Carvajal St. called Quicksnack. Its patrons include Tsinoys in Binondo and Chinese migrants who frequent the place for its dumplings and oyster cake. You can still taste these delicacies when you hire Tjioe as your events caterer. As Chinatown’s best caterer, it also marries unique Filipino flavors and distinctively Chinese taste. Tjioe is now synonymous with “authentic Tsinoy tradition,” thanks to the well-guarded recipes that are passed from one generation to another. You can have the same experience at your chosen venue because Tjioe is the only Chinese caterer that is accredited in the premier venues in Metro Manila. Aside from lauriat banqueting, which is its specialty, Tjioe also offers a plated dinner menu, an international buffet, hors d’oeuvres, and food orders. Lauriat banqueting is composed of ten big dishes with various kinds of exotic food, from the appetizer to noodles and desserts. Its capacity allows it to cater to up to 1,000 guests regardless of the event.

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