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Founded in 2006, Tres Marias Catering and Party Needs thrives because of three things: enjoyable food, elegant settings, and extraordinary service. It was the brainchild of a group of young entrepreneurs who happen to share the same passion for flavorsome food and polished settings. With years of experience and combined skills under their belt, they honed Tres Marias Catering into one of the best caterers in the metro and nearby provinces with countless satisfied clients. Tres Marias Catering pursues perfection for every event it caters. This is possible with the exhaustive list of trusted suppliers that they encountered and worked with throughout the years. Such a network also paved the way for providing complete solutions to the demands of the clients. Tres Marias Catering firmly believes that food is an essential part of any occasion or event. There is no room for any compromises whether the event is big or small, private or corporate. Aside from catering, Tres Marias Catering also offers equipment rentals, sounds and lights rentals, staffing services, and other party needs. The caterer also accommodates food packages based on a wide menu selection. Through this, they may satisfy their cravings in the comforts of their own home.

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