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Wowlu Catering, which started offering catering in 1993, is an embodiment of quintessential success story. Its foray into the catering business was made possible by having physical facilities to support the operation. Wowlu transformed its premises into a full-blown restaurant from being an unassuming lugawan. The building/complex houses two function rooms, a small warehouse, and a kitchen for large-scale cookery. Its first catering service project was a school event of their then preschool daughter, providing packed meals for 950 students and buffet-style for 650 persons. Later, it became an exclusive food service provider for various companies and organizations big or small. Since 2008 when it became a corporate entity from being a single proprietor, Wowlu Catering has been offering catering services to various events, functions, and occasions. Today, on its almost 30 years of operation, Wowlu Catering continues to pursue excellence and quality in its food products and services. Wowlu Catering also promises further advancement. Its capability to provide extensive catering and other food-related services more than doubled thanks to a fleet of light vehicles. Also, Wowlu Catering is now about a hundred personnel strong. It only proved that Wowlu Catering could pull off any event or function with its extensive resources.

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