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The sister company of Black Tie Project, Bliss and Berries is the more affordable alternative for couples who wish to hire the same calibre of talent from Blacktie sans the price tag. The team is composed of a new breed of young, dynamic, talented, skillfull incredibly attractivem driven new breed of creatives. This bunch of photographers and videographers taken pride in steering photography and videography to a new directions. Specializing on fun and candid moments, Bliss and Berries is the right company to call if you want to inject a bit of enjoyment into your images. Fueled by passion and driven by their dreams, this team of creatives continues to conquer terrains, climb trees and soar high just to capture all the right moments that would make lasting memories on your special day. While Blacktie Project lets you see and feel real modern and contemporary works, Bliss and Berries focuses on the fresh feel of what it feels like to fall in love all over again–more than just the kisses and higs but revolving around the events that have transpired in your life. When it comes to Bliss and Berries, there are no limits as to what they can do. As a team that is new, young and fresh, clients are assured that they can think of the box. More importantly, they understand the level of detail that goes into planning and preparing your event, so you can be sure they can capture the very essence of your day.

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