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Founded in 1996, the people behind Mabolo Flowers envisions making flowers and floral arrangements a lifestyle feature for the Filipino households. Today, Mabolo Flowers continues to provide flowers to grace homes to improve its visual appeal. However, its services had already expanded to include social and corporate events. Mabolo Flowers has a garden full of seasonal flowers that the client can choose from for their floral designs and styles. The team of florists specializes in international contemporary and lifestyle designs. Mabolo Flowers prides itself on its phytosanitation as well as growing, harvesting, and packing methods. The management follows the standards that the International Flower Auction, Bloemen Bureau sets. The team also imports materials weekly to ensure their quality. Mabolo Flowers has a design department that caters to landscapes, gifts, tabletops, accessories, and furnishings for a complete lifestyle enhancement.

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