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Founded on December 21, 2010 Treehouse Story Films turns your stories, your biggest moments and cherished memories into their masterpiece. The company’s moniker is derived from the fact that the team believes that a treehouse is every child’s Time Machine where they ride on colorful waves of ideas that bring them to a world where possibilities are endless, carefree moments never stops and where your dreams begin–pretty much how your big day should be. The company’s humble story began as a couple of kids climbing up a tree house and just playing with their imagination, living their carefree moments and going on never-ending adventures. It was there where they painted colorful childhood dreams across the sky and where their story began. Today, they look back to those days with great fondness to remind them of who they are. As they book clients, they do not only wish to capture and immortalize your moments, but they are eager to hear different stories and memories of life and love, turning their clients into friends who inspire them to create a masterpiece for you. To the team, your stories fuel their drive to create and capture such as molding an emoty canvas into a beautiful masterpiece. This very same passion consumes them and drives them to cross the boundaries of their imagination and convey the best story possible.

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