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AFP Commissioned Officers Club House (AFPCOC or the Philippine Army Officers Clubhouse) doubles as an events venue. AFPCOC was once a simplistic mess hall where officers meet, dine, and socialize before it became a command facility and club. Today, this is where regular command activities such as breakfast conferences, board meetings, caucus meetings, and other high-end functions are held in the clubhouse. The clubhouse management decided to open the facility for civilian guests. Now, the general public can experience the standards that the Armed Forces of the Philippines operate in, especially when it comes to ambiance and food. The clubhouse is built with several function rooms and social halls ideal for hosting intimate, family and friends-only, gatherings to elaborate social and corporate affairs. The clubhouse can easily scale the place depending on the capacity needs of the hosts since the halls can be combined to form a venue for large-scale banquets with up to a thousand guests. Strategically located at the heart of the metro where most people can access, AFPCOC aimed to keep the tradition of being a convention destination of choice. It strives to become a welcoming venue where people meet to celebrate as carried on the military way.

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