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Casa Pura Inn and Suites can be regarded as an oasis amidst the bustling city center in Quezon City. This is one reason its conference and banquet facilities are sought by the clients who value timeless elegance and other leisurely pursuits. For one, the facilities have a homey atmosphere that makes them perfect for intimate social gatherings. There are three main events venues: Pura Hall, Casa Pura, and Deck Garden. The management offers to customize packages for events and functions, depending on the needs of the clients. Pura Hall is bigger than Casa Pura, which is actually a conference room that can cater to a small meeting or a private party with up to 20 guests. Casa Pura is equipped with office furniture, including a sofa and armchair in the lounging area. It is also fitted with a presentation-capable flatscreen and whiteboard. Deck Garen, on the other hand, is ideal for cocktail parties and intimate gatherings. The events place also manages 27 Roces Space, a few minutes away from the hotel. 27 Roces Space is an ancestral home built using repurposed materials. Casa Pura Inn ad Suites can accommodate events with 100 to 120 guests.

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