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Matrix Creation Events Venue is one of a kind events place in Quezon City�it’s the first of its type in the Philippines and the world. The events place is inspired by the movie “The Matrix” and mainly features a theater-sized projection. Such a virtual reality concept is truly unique. Matrix Creation offers one unique, customizable theme with multiple wall sceneries that clients can choose from from the scenery archive. AVPs and SDEs can be played throughout the event. The presentations can be done in real-time without the need for editing at all. This is the reason its tagline is creating what your imagination conceives. The experience lies in turning what is imagined into reality. It has projected walls that give every guest the feel of “being transported” into another world. You can only appreciate its magnificence if you come and see it by yourself, including the red-carpeted grand staircase where you can have your grand entrance. You will see how the entire 550-sqm facility is transformed into the place you desired to hold your event. Other than that, the guests can use the fully-furnished VIP suite and the indoor holding area. The parking spaces are complete with valet assistance. Matrix Creation can accommodate up to 350 persons.

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