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With a vision of becoming the next meccan of authentic Filipino cuisine, Rolando’s Farm to Table restaurant is the brainchild of Engineer Rolando and his wife Flor. Given today’s myriad of options when it comes to food, consumers have now then considered sustainability as a ciryical element to continue providing delectable and sumptuous dishes–something which Rolando’s seeks to address. Based in Bulacan, the family owns two formas in Norzagaray in San Jose Del Monte where livestock such as ducks, lamb, pigs are complemented with different varieties of fish, fruit and vegetable produce. Apart from addressing the consumer’s need for organic and authentic dishes, the restaurant aspires to create an awareness about environment preservation. In the same vein, they wish to encourage agricultural entrepreneurship and production. Today, Rolando’s Farm to Table Restaurant caters to social gatherings and events at a very affordable rate.

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