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Opened on September 6, 2012, The Circle Events Place is actually transformed into an entertainment facility. It was formerly a theater in the heyday of the Philippine cinema. The Circle Events Place now caters to various events, including milestone, social, and corporate events. The expansive venue can also accommodate cultural undertakings such as art exhibits, recitals, fashion shows, and ballroom dancing competitions. Several function halls can accommodate up to 200 people. The lobby on each hall is spacious enough that it allows setting up the registration, photo booth, and other entertainment features or food stalls there. There is an elevated platform at the front that can be used as a stage. So that the people at the back can see what’s going on from where they are. The events place can definitely turn any event into an unforgettable experience. The halls have simplistic designs, offering plenty of potential in decorations and styling. Indeed, The Circle Events Place is where every celebration comes full circle.

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