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The Roxy Events Place, which is established in October 2009, is owned by Miss Roxy Araneta, a party planner with 25 years of experience. The Roxy is a one-stop-shop events venue—it also provides catering services, event styling, and entertainment. It also welcomes the client’s choice of caterer at no additional fee since the corkage fee is already built into the venue rental fee. There is enough space for the celebration or party paraphernalia given the 250-sqm acreage, 90 sqm of which is designated to the dance floor. Speaking of which, The Roxy Events Place can be easily styled because of the mirrored walls and posts which exude an elegantly modern feel. A holding room and a stage platform are included in the packages. Lights and sound systems are optional. Furthermore, the Roxy Events Place can cater to up to 180 guests. The Roxy Events Place can be rented half or whole. Half of the venue can fit up to 60 people. Parking is free, along Tomas Mroato Avenue, where ground floor entrance faces, although it is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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